MiGuard Water Leak Detector

  • MiGuard Water Leak Detector
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This product is a water leakage detector, using the principle of electrode immersed resistor changes to detect water. The detector adopts MCU intelligent detection, rust-proof metal probe design with advantages of high accuracy and sensitivity, low power consumption, long-term stability and reliability, etc. It can be widely used in all water storage equipment, such as basement, water tank, machine room, water route, water tower, water cellar, pools, water room, solar energy and anywhere to detect water leakage area.
Three optional models: Independent/ Network/ Wireless.


  • Rust Proof Metal Probe, Long Service Life
  • Sound and Flash Alarm
  • Low Power Consumption Design
  • Test and Hush Button
  • Low Battery Warning
  • MCU Processing, Resist False Alarm Efficiently
  • SMT Manufacture Technology, Good Stability
  • "Heartbeat” Timing Function


Technical Specification
Operating Voltage Independent | Wireless: DC3V(2x1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries ) Network: DC9-24V
Static Current Independent: ≤10uA Wireles: ≤10uA Network: ≤22mA
Alarm current Independent: ≤40mA Wireles: ≤50mA Network: ≤130mA
RF Distance >150M
Temp Working Temp: 0-60℃
Humidity 0-80% RH(no congelation)
Sound Level ≥85dB/3M
Alarm Output Independent: n/a Wireles: 1527/433MHz Network: Relay (NC/NO
Hush Time 10 minutes
Installation wall mounted or board installed
Indicator Alarm Indicator: Red LED and buzzer sounding Fault Indicator: Yellow LED
Dimension 89*89*28mm(bracket not included )