Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we set up the MiGuard Home Security System on our own

    Yes, it's a Do-It-Yourself product in essencec and we have a guide to help you on installing it step by step. You can visit the video in our website (www.miguard.net/videos), our facebook page (link) and in youtube (https://youtu.be/2VY4eY0xLGo).

    What is the name of the mobile application?

    The name of our application is MiGuard Security. You can search it on the Google Play Store(For Android users) and on the App Store(For IOS users).

    Can we acquire your service to install it in our home?

    Yes, our installation fee is P3,500. It will cover the configuration, installation and delivery of the product according to your demands.

    How much do we have to pay to have it in our home?

    We have two packages, a basic package which costs 21k and a premium package which costs 24k. After picking which package you wan, you can add additional security components in your package according to your needs. For more information about our packages, you can visit our website www.miguard.net  

    How many users can we add in our system that's installed in our home?

    You can only have one administrator. Then the administrator can add at his will as many users as he wants whether as a family member or an ordinary member.

    Does the camera store the recordings?

    Yes, you can put an SD card in the camera to record your daily activities depending on the capacity of the SD card.

    How much is the subscription fee?

    The monthly fee is P450. We also have other subscription methods, to inquire please visit www.miguard.net.

    What do we get if we subscribe to your services?

    MiGuard 24/7 Command Center will monitor all your emergency alarms and will dispatch all nedded help for your emergency. For more information about our subscription, please visit www.miguard.net

    We will be monitoring all your emergency alarms will dispatch all needed help for your emergency. For more information about our subscription, please visit www.miguard.net

    With our medical call button, does it only entitle the subscriber?

    No, everyone in your household is entitled to be assisted by the medical assistance we will dispatch to your house.

    What if our system is malfunctioning?

    If you are subscribed, we will maintain all the products of MiGuard installed in your house. We will also replace the unit that is malfunctioning than repair it upon proper inspection.

    Will you be able to view the camera in our house if we susbcribe?

    You have complete dominion of your camera unless you give us the right to view it.

    Will I be notified even if the system is disarmed?

    Yes, this is for your personal use as it will keep tab of all the records who entered and exited your house. This can be viewed in the history tab of the MiGuard Security Mobile Application.

    How many devices can I add to the console?

    You can add up to 100 devices per console.

    Will I be notified if a device is low battery or went offline?

    Yes, the MiGuard application will notify you with the device status. Also, if you are subscribed, the MiGuard 24/7 Command Center will also notify you about the status of your devices.

    I have a camera in our house. Can you connect it to our MiGuard Console?

    MiGuard Consoles can only be connected to the MiGuard Cameras.