MiGuard Smoke Detector

  • MiGuard Smoke Detector
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This product is called photoelectric smoke detector(hereinafter called detector) it has the features of dust-proof, moth-proof and anti-interference from outside light,all for the stability of the product, especially for detecting smoldering or burning object. The detector is suitable for detecting the smoke in house, shop, hotel, restaurant, office building, school, bank, library, computer house and storehouse, etc.


  • MCU Automatic processing technology Manual test
  • Automatic reset Mute button Automatic detection
  • Infrared photoelectric sensor Sound-light alarm
  • SMT design,high stability
  • Dust-proof,Insect-proof,Anti-visible light


Technical Specification
Operating Voltage 9V 6F22 battery or DC12V
Static Current ≤15uA
Alarm current ≤56mA
Battery Life About 1 year
Alarm Indicator red LED fast blink
Power Indicator red LED
Humidity ≤ 95 %RH
Operating Temperature -10℃~ +50℃ Operating
Sound Level :≥85dB/m