MiGuard Gas Leak Sensor

  • MiGuard Gas Leak Sensor
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The product is an indoor combustible gas detector with high stability, used for combustion gas leak detection. It uses highly stable semiconductor gas sensor with features of stable performance and low drift of sensitivity. When it senses combustion gas leak that reaches the alarm level, it will gives out alarm sound with red LED flashing. The detector is applied in indoor areas where combustion gas leaks may happen.


  • Detect Natural Gas / LPG
  • Wall Mounted
  • High Reliability Semiconductor Sensor
  • Manual Test Button
  • MCU Processing
  • Auto Reset After Gas Clears
  • Auto-Check Sensor Failure
  • Wireless Alarm Signal Transmission
  • SMT Manufacture Technology, High Stability
  • “Heartbeat” Timing Function


Technical Specification
Operating Voltage AC 220V
Working Environment Temperature range: -10ºC ~ +55ºC Humidity range: 10%~95% RH
Storage Temp -25ºC ~ +55ºC
Alarm Level 6%LEL of Natural Gas
Error ±3%LEL of Natural Gas
Sensor Highly stable semiconductor sensor
Alarm Reset Automatic reset when leaked gas level belows the alarm level
Sound Level 75dB/m
Alarm Output Wireless alarm signal 433MHz
Code Form 1527 coding
Detecting Distance 100m (open area)
Indicator AC Power: Power LED constant green Alarm: Alarm LED flashing red rapidly Sensor Failure: Fault LED constant yellow
Dimension 110*70*40mm